ANDRONOVO: Transport Optimisation Intelligent Platform


ANDRONOVO is an Intelligent Platform that allows the optimisation of all aspects of transport network design providing solutions to Transport and Mobility Strategic Planning and Operation.

The goal of Transport and Mobility Strategic Planning and Operation is to identify the demand and provide the supply that best meets its needs. ANDRONOVO covers all 4 stages (trip planning, trip distribution, modal partition and assignment) and provides a streamlined solution for Operational Planning.

ANDRONOVO meets the needs of the different stages of Operational Planning: transport network design, (lines and routes), Transport Provision design (frequency and timetables), Vehicle Scheduling and Optimisation, and Driver Scheduling and Optimisation.

Figura 2.- Componentes de ANDRÓNOVO

Figura 2.- Componentes de ANDRÓNOVO

ANDRONOVO is completely integrated in our Applications Suite for Passenger Road Transport Management (

It is a platform with capacity to adapt to all specific characteristics of any Transport Network (urban, inter-urban, regional, etc.).

ANDRONOVO is based on a repository of single work (data and processes) that allows achieving the appropriate integration level and providing Transport Companies, Mobility Offices and Transport Consortia and Mobility Consulting Companies with the required agility to carry out their design and optimisation work of the Transport Network.

ANDRONOVO is a technology developed by © DESIC

ANDRONOVO is the result of a CDTI Project (Exp. 67369 / IDI-20140632) co-financed with ERDF funds.

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