Big Data is a concept that refers to the management of both internal and external information for real-time decision-making. The so-called 4 V’s of big data: Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity, support this concept. The current tools that enable this feature are numerous. From the bottom up, the solutions offered could be described in the following order:

  • Servers and storage specially designed for this purpose; the first offer high calculation performance while the second are memory intensive.
  • Advanced database engines with capacity to group data in columns and not only in rows.
  • Business Intelligence and Datawarehouse solutions to combine and use all kinds of information.
  • Discovery platforms to combine structured and unstructured data.
  • Predictive solutions for decision-making and for the design of possible scenarios based on the variables that need to be analysed.

Big Data is not just for Big Companies, at least not where business volume or multi-million investments are concerned. Big Data is a reality which we use daily in our professional and personal lives, such as when we conduct an Internet search. Would you like to know more? DESIC can help you.

Vídeo: “BA and BD can take yoy there”

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