At DESIC we are technology integrators. We, therefore, design services that allow our customers to deploy Oracle solutions based on their needs. This is the only way in which technology can assist organisations: identify the solution’s value and how it solves a customer’s problem.

At DESIC, we solve problems by designing services for:

  • Virtualization of servers and operating systems
  • Database administration
  • High availability of data and data balancing
  • Access security and control
  • Operational data storage
  • Database and application optimisation and performance adjustments
  • Data migration and integration between heterogenous platforms.
  • Technological asset and licensing consulting
  • Disaster recovery, contingency and redundancy plans
  • software development based on web architecture
  • Private Cloud environment design
  • Information management using Business Intelligence, Big Data and Business Analytics systems.

If you don’t find a solution to your problem on our website, contact us and we will find it together.

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