Information system for the management of the Health Service waiting list

The computer system known as Centralised Management of Waiting Lists has been designed to be integrated within an organisation as complex and with as many information systems as the Health Service.

Regarding waiting lists, Health Services manage mainly information related to health-care, patient identification, information of economic nature and agreements with other hospitals.

The computer system for the centralised management of waiting lists is integrated with the Individual Health Card system (or population database of the Health Service), with the HIS of hospitals and Specialised Care Centres which manage the waiting lists for each hospital, and also with the information system that manages referrals to associated centres. It can also provide the Health Service with any information related to the Waiting List which is required by the National Health System.

The system for the Centralised Management of Waiting Lists provides:

  • A J2EE Application (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) to be used by:
    • The central unit for waiting lists to support all its activities.
    • Hospitals to manage their waiting list, with restriction to see only its own data.
  • A communication interface with all systems involved in the centralised management of waiting lists.
  • An application that allows citizens to check their status on the surgery waiting list.
  • A DataWarehouse for the management of information for decision-making, and for collecting statistical data. It allows knowing and managing all the information, thus reducing costs and increasing quality. Such management is carried out by using OBI (Oracle Business Intelligence).

This system is able to be integrated into a wider group of computer systems which ultimately comprise all the information.

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