At DESIC we believe in innovation and research of management systems to speed up the work processes of public administrations. We rely on a team of developers to offer you the best market solutions with our commitment to provide high-quality service.

The Public Administration has competence in certain areas and, therefore, there is a clear distinction between its ICT needs and those of private companies.

They revolve around the citizens, which the Public Administration offers its services to, and this reflects in our solutions, proposals, and recommendations. We can say that we feel proud to be contributing to a better quality of life for the public.

DESIC has been a part of the Public Administration since its beginnings, offering customised solutions that allow them to fulfil their specific competences in areas such as Tourism, Environment, Healthcare, Statistics, Personnel, Social Welfare, etc.

We have extensive knowledge of the administrative procedure laws and regulations which have been gradually implemented on electronic administration, backed by the development of a large number of projects. In addition, we have a great understanding of the internal processes established by the agencies responsible for ITC, regarding corporate tools, corporate image, pre-production and production environments, application deployment, security requirements, etc., which enables us to provide the best solution for each public body, meeting the established technical and functional requirements.

It is worth pointing out that, since its beginnings in 2007, most notably in the field of electronic administration, DESIC has been developing innovative solutions, highly adaptable to the characteristics of each body, that can be integrated with the client’s existing tools, based on open source standards and solutions, enabling the interoperability between institutions (public and private).

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