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In DESIC we have been a CAPTIO Partner since November 2017, a leading solution for corporate travel expense management.

With CAPTIO we help companies and their workers to better control their expenses and discover new savings opportunities. It integrates the cost management process into a single flow without paperwork, without manual tasks, and without fraud.


  • Mobile and web app. Expense management anywhere.
  • The mobile App, after taking an expense, automatically recognizes the most important fields such as amount, date and supplier, improving employee productivity.
  • Automatic expense reports.
  • Configurable expense check rules with automatic compliance check.
  • VAT / IGIC recovery.
  • Integration with accounting and other systems.
  • Compliance with legal and fiscal rules.
  • Disposal of paper in accordance with the law (AEAT).
  • Reconciliation of card payments.
  • Diet and mileage management.
  • Request and management of company trips.

Entry of expenses

A single platform that centralizes the management of all expenses related to your company’s trips.

Expense classification

Order the information necessary to manage travel expenses (categories, payment methods, etc.).

Expense supervision

It controls the expenses and automates the usual tasks of the supervision of the liquidations.

VAT / IGIC refund

Get higher VAT / IGIC deductions from business expenses.


Capture and manage expenses from anywhere. Always available.


It allows the integration of the expense management process in a single flow, from the report to the accounting.


Avoid errors in management (reporters and groups, cost centers, multi-currency …).

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