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In DESIC we are committed to the innovation and research of management processes to streamline the work processes of public administrations.

From our very beginnings, we are present in the Public Administration, offering customized solutions that allow them to fulfill their specific competencies, in areas such as Tourism, Environment, Health, Statistics, Personnel, Social Welfare, etc.

We have great knowledge about the administrative procedure law and the regulations that have been progressively approved on electronic administration, backed by the execution of numerous projects. We have been developing innovative solutions, very adaptable to the particularities of each organization, integrable with tools already implemented in the client, relying on open-source standards and solutions, and facilitating interoperability between entities (public and private).


Electronic File Manager

A fundamental piece in the implementation of the Electronic Administration solution that your organization needs.

Electronic Administration

It offers citizens electronic services in compliance with the Law 11/1997.

Applications Development

Analysis, design, construction and implementation services of application development projects in various technologies.


Development services and implementation of web portals, knowing the needs of the citizens.

Business Intelligence

Consulting services to help you determine what information you need, and how to approach the project.

Open data

Services for the implementation of open data projects in your Organization.

App Development

Analysis, design, construction, and implementation of app development projects in the main systems.

Mobile solutions

Analysis, design, construction, and implementation of mobility projects, including hardware and software.

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