Oracle Introduction


To see technology as an integral solution for businesses considerably involves its design, production, marketing and deployment. During the last years, Oracle Corporation has consolidated its strategy as manufacturer of technology stack including hardware, software and applications through the integration of its own portfolio of solutions and the strategic acquisitions of market-leading products:  Peoplesoft in 2004, Siebel in 2005, BEA Systems in 2008, SUN Microsystems in 2009, RightNow in 2012, MICROS-Fidelio in 2014, etc.

But the visionary strategy of this American manufacturer of Silicon Valley does not end there. At the same time, Oracle has walked towards the operational convergence of its solutions with the open source technology which allows Oracle to be ran on a Linux Operating System, to virtualize servers with its own GNU licensed hypervisor – Oracle Virtual Machine-, to develop in Java, create the UI layer for Hadoop in Big Data projects, acquire the mySQL Open Source Database and to support the OpenStack protocol for Cloud Computing Interoperability.

At DESIC we have 18 years of experience providing Oracle solutions to our clients, and we are convinced that its technology will continue being a major player on the global technological stage. We will also participate in the game, together with them and with our particular vision and the application of our knowledge.

Video: “The simplicity of Oracle Stack”

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